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General Practice Software Solutions specialises in delivering cutting edge solutions to primary care organisations. We work very closely with all members of the primary care team to ensure that our products are designed to empower general practice to take maximum advantage of initiatives on the NHS agenda.

PatientChase, gives GP practices an easy to use Quality & Outcomes Framework (QOF) tool to optimise their efficiency in identifying and corresponding with patients for all QOF clinical indicators. PatientChase is exclusive to EMIS practices.

PatientLeaf is a re-imaging EMIS using the latest software techniques, PatientLeaf consolidates all the patientís key data onto one screen so decisions on medication can be made quickly and safely

We have a number of other exciting developments in the pipeline aimed at making general practice more streamlined and effective, affording practices the space to refocus on what’s most important – patient care. Contact us for information about PatientChase, PatientLeaf and forthcoming developments.

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